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Guided Imagery
driving anxiety guided imagery
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Time 25:56 mins
Files are high quality MP3's. They can be used on any computer or mobile device that can play normal MP3 audio files.

Please use a computer to purchase / download the files. Then, if you wish to, transfer the MP3s to your mobile in the same manner as you would with a music MP3s.

You can listen to these recordings as often as you like - the cumulative benefits are very positive, so plug in your headphones on a regular basis and feel your tensions melt away.

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Driving Test Nerves - Relax for Your Driving Test

Within you there is a very special place, a very quiet place that although a part of you, doesn't take part in your personality. This place is where you will find your "Inner Self" and with the proper techniques of Guided Imagery and Relaxation it is easy to find. It is that quiet and familiar part of you that prefers to remain hidden, but you can access it and become aware of it, making great use of it to help you in your every day life.

Our 'driving test nerves' guided imagery journey helps you to relax calmly for your driving test by breathing in calmness to every part of your body with every inward breath, and breathing out all tension with each outward breath. Learn how to relax by visiting a place made by you, for you, with the help of your inner guide. In this place you will be in complete control, a perfect place for you, containing whatever you want. This special place will be your very special place to visit and relax, a place that you can come to at any time, your safe place, your sanctuary, where you can talk with your inner guide. You find strength and confidence and your driving test nerves become less as you discover all the good and special feelings of confidence and happiness within you, and you can visit this place anytime to be reinvigorated, refreshed, filled with an inner calm and peace that will stay with you to help continue your day.

You will feel much calmer and relaxed, and you will be able to replace any driving test nerves and negative thoughts with feelings of calm and relaxed confidence. Visualise listening to the instructor and carrying out the manoeuvres required for your driving test in a calm and confident manner, as a calm and confident driver without driving test nerves. See yourself carrying out the manoeuvres in a safe and confident way, to the very best of your ability, and better than you have ever done before. The techniques that you learn will help you reduce your driving test nerves, and you will become free from fear and doubt, ready to relax for your day, for your driving test.

What is Guided Imagery

An expert guide with a gentle soothing voice will walk you through delightful gardens, along seashores, around mountain lakes and through beautiful valleys. It is this technique that teaches your inner Self to find a state of positive calm and relaxation and from there, help to nurture positive feelings and emotions, (eg motivation, confidence, self esteem) and the strength and energy for beneficial stress management and pain management therapy. This is guided imagery, and the results can be truly wonderful!

Perhaps this sounds too simple, but simple is exactly what it is! By listening to these audio downloads you will guided on wonderful journeys, and you will be able to access your own inner resources using your own imagination to create wonderful images, colours and feelings.

No music is needed, no sound effects, just the knowledge of the guide and their ability to guide the listener through the process of opening a cognitive communication between the conscious and subconscious mind to perceive and recall senses and events that are already familiar to the listener.

kimberley Mercer - therapist

Your Guide

Kimberley Mercer is a mother of 2 school age children and has been using guided visualization and Imagery on a personal level since a teenager. Kimberley is a NLP practitioner and reflexologist and truly believes in the holistic approach to well being.

Kimberley is a member of the Association of Natural Medicine and she believes that these guided imagery scripts will help you to bring your body and mind back into balance, enabling you to go forward in life with confidence, energy and motivation.